A Cure for Concrete is an interdisciplinary research project with Stephen Picken, Professor of Polymer Materials, Delft University of Technology.┬áIt steers creation of visual imagery on concrete surfaces by experimenting with co-additives (using by-products of the wastewater treatment process) to Stephen’s existing, but underused, concrete curing* compound Delft Green. This ornamentation-by-chemical-reaction-and-physical surface-drying would not only make buildings more beautiful, but also ensure concrete longevity. The most exciting results have been achieved with the combination of Delft Green curing compound and Vivianite – ironic because Vivianite is known in the history of painting for being an unstable pigment. These beautiful organic patterns emerged with a likeness to my photographic work, and give us a glimpse into what we could add to our urban concrete landscape to improve our wellbeing through organicity.


*Inadequate protection of concrete while it sets causes 80% of all damage to concrete. Producing the key ingredient, cement, accounts for 8% of global CO2 emissions. So the least we can do is ensure the concrete we do use will last as long as possible, by curing it properly.