Signature Print is an interdisciplinary co-creation bringing together the newest global digital fabrication technology (FabLabs) with the oldest local craft technique, creating an artwork for Textiel Factorij within my chosen theme of automation to affect the lifestyles of the younger generation of traditional block-carvers such as Jaimin Gajjar, in Gujarat, India. It incorporates the intricacy and hardship of the block-carving and Kalamkari crafts – one the automation of the other – into new block designs. I extracted sound and movement data from footage I recorded in their workshops, followed by creating data-driven patterns encoding their craftsmanship into a new block design, nonetheless inspired by traditional block designs.

The new blocks are created with different FabLab techniques such as CNC Milling, intended to encourage younger generations of block carvers to find new ways in their designing and making, while still keeping in touch with their ancient family craft. The project is being documented in more detail on this blog.


Special thanks to those I worked within India: Mata Ni Pachedi (Gujarati Kalamkari) artists and block printers Kirit Chitara and family, block carvers Ghanshyambhai and Jaimin Gajjar, and FabLab CEPT especially Tapan Betai, and to the makers in the Netherlands who created the exhibition pieces: Wout Zweers, Aidan Wyber.