Update: Labs and conferences

I attended some very interesting and amazing gatherings in the last year: the FEMeeting conference, which took place in Evora, Portugal in September 2022, and two Reassemble labs from Fiber festival in Amsterdam. #3 Natural Intelligence, about fossil free internet futures, climate justice and working with nature (from which I joined the Permacomputing wiki group) and #4 Weatherscapes, more specifically taking the weather as its subject for artistic research and making.

I’m currently working at a remote sensing for environmental/social impact benefit corporation (b-corp) as well as at the Waag Futurelab on the More-than-Planet project. More info to come!






Echoing Forms: Experiments in Hybridity – at Fermilab

Echoing Forms: Experiments in Hybridity is an online exhibition of my photographs at Fermilab (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory), Batavia, Illinois, USA, 16th August until 15th November 2021.

solo exhibition at the fermilab online gallery with artist’s talk on 3rd october (9pm CEST/2pm CT) (will be recorded)

>> Register for Echoing Forms talk by 


A Voyage of Absurdity

Showing Sonogram (from Signature Print) in this exhibition starting just when people are allowed to go to art events again in London…


A polymorphic exhibition about people and art itself.

About this event

An exhibition about people and art itself. A polymorphic exhibition curated by Vanessa Giorgo, Anna Kolosova and Melissa Vipritskaya Topal showcasing artworks of different mediums and perspectives about how it really is to be a part of this community.

There is this idea(l) of the artist creating art for art’s sake, living la vie bohème, being envied for their freedom and having the liberty to express their individuality. But is this the case?

Being a practicing artist does not necessarily mean one’s life is effortless and without any obstacles. Taking the (often subconscious) decision to become an artist comes with costs. Countless external factors hinder many artists from reaching their full potential by limiting their existence. Living in a world where the humanities and, in particular, the arts, are not favoured by the wider socio-economic system as a fruitful financial ecosystem, indicates that the majority of people working in the creative industries will have to find alternative means of supporting themselves financially.

Through an open call, we invited artists who have experienced these types of dualities. Through this show, the participating artists, are exploring how various stimuli from this contradiction have fed into their work, through a variety of mediums. from painting, photography, and digital art, to moving image, textiles, and sound art. It will be a multi-sensory event, consisting of a group of twenty-five creatives who have investigated how their work has been affected by the additional efforts that they have had to make in order to make ends meet, as well as how they imagine their futures will unfold. Driven by an emotional and ethical impetus, the purpose of this project is to reflect on the truths of the people in the creative industries, showcasing the complex character of their realities through their art and to pave the way of repurposing the art world with more care and collectivity.

Dates: 18th to 23rd May 2021

Private View: 21st May 2021

Location: Craft Central, E14 3AE


Emily Mary Barnett

Sabrina Brouwers

Rebecca Byrne

Elodie Carrel

Silas Grocott Cain

Charlie Hawksfield

Megan Jentsch

Stuart Jones

Anna Kolosova

Eman Khokhar

Pasqual “Lino” Livrieri

Sujata Majumdar

Seray Ozdemir

Zula Rabikowska

Cameron Randall

Belen Santamarina

Sound Hybrid Artist (S.H.A.)

Mia Sinclair

Sophie Stewart

Eirini Tampasouli

Melissa Vipritskaya Topal

Roberta Volpe

Jeremy Wolf

Curators: Vanessa Giorgo, Anna Kolosova, Melissa Vipritskaya Topal

For any enquiries, please contact

30% of all donations will go to the mental health charity Mind.

The space is wheelchair accessible.




Showing a few works from roots/home and one from signature print, in this beautiful exhibition curated by Vanessa Giorgo, with 7 other amazing second generation artists.

nb you need to rsvp to Vanessa (email on the flyer) to attend in Southend on 24th/25th!

I’ll post the link to the online exhibition when available.


…This exhibition will explore the complex perspectives of second-generation immigrants around their lived experiences regarding their balancing of their cultures and their oscillation between feelings of belonging to the ‘motherland/s’ and the ‘promised-land’. Do they put down roots and become assimilated in the new culture or do they carry their ancestors’ heritage and try to reproduce it – are their parents’ cultural traditions passed down on them and their descendants more often than not? Do they create new traditions in their country of birth?

cyclic matter collaborations!

Collaborating with Jenny Timmer for my second Cyclic Matter artist collaboration!

Our podcast has been recorded and I will announce it here as soon as it’s available to listen to.




radio mARTen podcast

A conversation with Dominique Cro, kicking off our 3 month collaboration on an art work for Cyclic Matter. It is inspired by the subject and questions posed by our curator and moderator Inês Ferreira Norman.

It’s the second episode in the exhibiting artists’ podcast series from Radio mARTen, Cyclic Matter’s podcast channel:

cyclic matter radio marten


(direct link to soundcloud here)

a cure for concrete – film clip

a film clip of the live install at todaysart (a recording of an hour or so condensed into less than a minute!) the installation ran all day, every day, producing fantastic new colours and forms.

AMC Collection Catalogue

My work in the AMC Collection is featured in its beautiful new catalogue

which contains text in both English and Dutch – this article is only in Dutch:



A Cure for Concrete at TodaysArt 2019

A Cure for Concrete was exhibited at TodaysArt 2019 in the Electricity Factory (Electriciteitsfabriek) in the Hague, Netherlands, September 19th-22nd 2019

Artist’s Talk with Prof. Stephen Picken

Film clip from the last day of the installation

The works shown were created during the Crossing Parallels residency programme (TodaysArt and the Delft University of Technology).

see the project blog for documentation.


Thanks to everyone who came and visited the exhibition.

The work seemed right at home in the Electriciteitsfabriek


Thu 19th Sept 19:00 – 00:00 opening of the festival

other opening times:

Fri 20th Sept 12:00 – 00:00
Sat 21st Sept 12:00 – 00:00
Sun 22nd Sept 13:00 – 17:00

location: De Electriciteitsfabriek, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20, The Hague, Netherlands.

tickets are available for various parts of the festival, see


Many thanks to all who made this possible including:

Hackathon Participants: Anne-Florence Neveu, Anne-Jan Reijn, Fabian Geiser, Heeyoun Kim, Ivan Chi Fung Tam, Juliette Mohamed, Lea Scholze, Marina van der Lecq, Maulik Shah, Mieke Vink, Siddhartha Mukherjee, Sneha Gokale, Taiwei Kan, Aidan Wyber & Nabi Kambiz

Teun Verkerk, Nabi Kambiz, and all at TU Delft Science Centre

all at TodaysArt & Electriciteitsfabriek

Slimy Green Stuff, NGCM, Suellen Espindola, Viktor Haaksman (TNW/applied sciences TU Delft)

Maiko van Leeuwen, Yask Kulshreshtha (Civil Engineering, TU Delft)

Iris van der Wal, Tanja Dekker, Baukje Trenning, Saco Heijboer


Speaking at FEMeeting 2019

I presented our project A Cure for Concrete at FEMeeting 2019 in Portugal, a wonderful place to meet a superb collection of people and learn about projects, get new input, and find collaborations