Gallery Ashok presents: Quiet reflections on my heritage

12th jan – 17th mar 2013

Sujata’s artistic endeavour emerges from the need to find interaction and convergence between the different sides of herself. Her work seeks a balance between Eastern and Western cultures, natural and man-made landscapes, science and art, observation and reflection. This arises from her background in different cultures – in the Netherlands for 11 years, she is British-Asian (born and raised in London, her family Indian) – and she originally studied physics. She tells her story indirectly and her work crosses different genres such as documentary and landscape.

The photographs in this exhibition include ‘Roots’, her most personal project to date, an exploration of identity through her different ‘home’ environments. Having moved away from her home in London, she sees it as if in the past. Looking further outwards, she includes her ‘virtual’ homes in India and questions how they fit in her world and what she feels about them. The Banyan tree becomes a symbol for her extended family, who up and leave, to drop roots in new places. Her observations of her close surroundings lay bare her aesthetic and contain signs of her struggle between the rational and emotional: structure entwined with emotion and organicity.

This is Sujata’s first solo exhibition since her recent graduation in photography. She has been recognised and published as promising talent in shutr photo magazine.

Gallery Ashok Spuistraat 183b, 1012 VN, Amsterdam

12th January – 9th February 2013 – extended till 17th March 2013 !

Thursday-Sunday 13:30-18:30 or by appointment

Opening 16:00 Saturday 12th January 2013